Vadim Kosikhin
Vadim Kosikhin Deputy CEO at "MUS Energetics"

Flipbox has fully satisfied our expectations. It is great for videoconferencing, presenting and it works as a whiteboard as well. We plan to buy more Flipbox devices to equip other meeting rooms in our companies. 

12 September 2013

A. Parkhomenko Financial analyst at Vnesheconombank

We like Flipbox!

10 July 2013

Konstantin Dubrovin
Konstantin Dubrovin Business coach, managing partner of Moko consulting

As usual, at trainings the most popular function of Flipbox is drawing as an alternative tool to the regular flipchart. But when you discover for yourself all Flipbox features, you begin to use the other functions, you arrange your training program with all the device capabilities. My colleagues and I were pleasantly surprised that from the moment I’ve meet Flipbox, I didn't spend a minute to get used to operate it: all the tools intuitive – call the function and work with it, then move on to the next one, and if necessary, return your records from "Drawing".

2 June 2014

Elvira Zimina
Elvira Zimina Professor

We were surprised when the old hand professors had mastered Flipbox so soon. Due to the fact that all the Flipbox icons are large and intuitive, this category of our University’s stuff did not feel the barrier with using new technology. That is very important for the sphere of science and education cause it helps us to save the potential of the older generation. By that time we already had at our disposal the situational training center (ULC) created by Polymedia, so we already were rather experienced in interactive educational technologies. Therefore it was very clear, what we need for the further ICT development of the University. During the lessons it is always necessary to clarify something, to generalize, to draw some diagrams. We were using two different boards for these purposes: one for presentation and the other one — for painting. This was ok, but at the same time it caused some thoughts mistiming. Flipbox realizes all in one: you can give a presentation, go online and draw simultaneously — so there was no doubt in choosing Flipbox as a mini situation center for small seminar audiences.

2 June 2014

Dmitry Ageev Deputy director of service support and control of Rostelecom

Possibilities that Flipbox gives to users looked impressive: electronic flipchart with additional functionality, which can optimize the time of meetings. By the end of the presentation, we decided to take Flipbox for testing. Today Rostelecom has five Flipbox in the head office. All are used in the vip-negotiation format. As expected, the most used feature is painting because device has been selected as an alternative to the usual white board. Another popular feature is the demonstration of materials with USB. Video conferencing is widely used for solving some of the issues due to territorial distribution. This function is also integrated into enterprise solution.

2 June 2014

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